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Gatley Festival 2023 FAQs

Unsure about anything to do with the Gatley Festival 2023?
Check out our FAQ’s below

What time does the Gatley Festival start and from where?2022-06-29T19:26:54+01:00

The festival starts with our parade.
This commences from The Kingsway School at approximately 12pm. The parade will continue along Foxland Road on to Springfield Road, Gatley Road then on to Church Road finishing by the Tesco just before Gatley Hill at 12.45pm

Will there be road closures?2023-06-16T11:42:13+01:00

Yes, all the parade route roads (as above) and access to them between approximately 12pm – 12.45pm
Click Here > See info here on our road closures

What time is the Festival Field and where is it?2023-05-05T08:22:24+01:00

The festival field will open once the parade has finished until 6pm. This is situated on Gatley Hill which is just past the Tesco where the parade will finish. 

Will there be parking on the Festival Field?2022-06-29T19:31:34+01:00

There is no carpark on the field. This is because we always require access for stall vendors, entertainment and if required for in an emergency. We would suggest that you park on one of the residential streets nearby. We will need access from 6am – 6pm. 

Where can I buy my tickets and how much are they?2023-05-16T16:25:08+01:00

If you can, please buy your programmes in advance and avoid the queues on the day. These will act as your ticket to the field and are priced at £2.50 from several of our great local businesses and are cash only:
• The Horse and Farrier
• Jackson O’Malley
• Wagtails
• Bibita
• Love Beauty
• The Prince of Wales
• Village Domestics

These will also be available at the entrance of the Festival Field 

Do children need to pay entry?2022-06-29T19:32:25+01:00

All Children under 16 are free of charge

Will there be toilets?2022-06-29T19:32:52+01:00

Yes, there are several toilets on site 

Am I able to bring my dog?2022-06-29T19:33:16+01:00

Yes, dogs are welcome to join us. Please do note however that we have animals on the field so please be mindful to keep a distance. 

Is food and drink available to buy on the day?2022-06-29T19:46:10+01:00

Yes, we have a wide variety of food and drink stalls on the field. Please be mindful that some may only take cash payments. 

What time does the music and entertainment start on the field?2023-05-05T08:25:01+01:00

The music starts at 1pm and will be on until the festival finishes at 6pm 

Can I bring my own drinks on the field?2022-06-29T19:46:53+01:00

It is not permitted to bring your own drinks on the field, but we have several vendors selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You are welcome to bring empty or sealed bottles of water on to the field. 


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